Darius Bygg & Alltjänst

Darius Construction & Alltjänst carry out everything from groundwork and the laying of paving stones through to the painting of house facades. The company is based in Vallda and is run by Darius Banevicius and his father Steponas.

An exclusive feeling

“Pine tar… but surely that’s only used on boats “? That was Darius Banevicius’ first reaction when he and his father Steponas were tasked to paint a modern house with black pine tar, over the top of the existing distemper paint. Now, they have already finished painting their second house with pine tar and will happily talk about how neat it looks.

– At first we thought it was a bit messy and a pain that it dries slower than some other facade paints. But we quickly realised that it nevertheless has several strengths. Above all, there are not many paints that give such a neat finish, “says Darius Banevicius from Darius Bygg & Alltjänst.

The first House in Vallda
A modern single storey house with sea views in Vallda Sandö was the first house for Darius and his father when it came to working with pine tar. They painted the 226 square metre house twice during the month of May.

– it is important that the weather is good and it is preferable to paint in direct sunlight. Also invest in good quality bushes, be careful all the time when painting and cover any surfaces that will not be painted.

“It’s nice not having to prime”
After the summer, Darius and Steponas were given the task of painting red pine tar over the existing red distemper paint on a wooden house. It was Auson who recommended Darius Bygg & Alltjänst to the home owner in Åsa after their fine painting work in Vallda Sandö.

– It was really great to paint with red pine tar too. Not needing to do any priming is a great advantage with pine tar, and painting over distemper paint gives an extra fine result. It is an exclusive feeling to paint with pine tar, says Darius.

Our top painting tips:

  1. Plan for good weather and paint in direct sunlight.
  2. Brush off the old paint.
  3. Be extra careful to cover up everything that should not be painted.
  4. Invest in good brushes – they wear fast otherwise.
  5. Be incredibly careful all the time when painting.