Marklunds Måleri och Golvslip

Marklunds Måleri och Golvslip in Central Skellefteå undertake painting and renovation projects for both businesses and individuals. The company has been around since 2001 and consists of six painters and two floor sanders/carpenters.

“A nice colour that blends in with nature”

Before the customers Lena and Ingemar Norman introduced them to Auson’s pine tar paint, they basically knew nothing about pine tar. Now Peter Hedström and Jörgen Marklund of Marklunds Måleri och Golvslip have painted Lena and Ingemar’s attractive modernist style house with pine tar vitriol and they really believe in the product.

– it felt really positive to paint with pine tar vitriol. We like the fact that it is a product of the forest and that it gives sustainable results. It made Lena and Ingemar’s modernist style house look really great and the paint has a beautiful sheen. The best thing about pine tar vitriol is the attractive colour that blends in with nature, says foreman Peter Hedström.

It’s good to test paint
Peter and Jörgen test painted a board with pine tar vitriol, yellow pine tar and red pine tar. But it was the pine tar vitriol that the customers Lena and Ingemar fell the most for. Their modernist style house was then painted during the spring of 2016, with three weeks between the first and second coats.

– If you feel unsure about pine tar it’s a good idea to do some test painting first. Let the board dry to see the end result, if you have time maybe you can leave it until the following summer. When painting, be really careful with the mixing ratio between pine tar and balsam turpentine, emphasises Peter.