Sommarnöjen wants to make it easier for stressed-out city slickers to acquire a nice country retreat. Help with building permits, great Scandinavian architecture, natural interior, personal service, fixed price and warranties – everything from one company with just one contact person. We also want more people to be able to turn their house dream into reality. In order to keep the price, deadline, transports and other environmental aspects at a low, Sommarnöjens houses have a different way of being manufactured. The houses are completed in our factory, with all of the interior in place. Then they are lifted onto the customer’s land – southern Swedish plains, archipelago islands, picturesque lakesides and the snowy mountain world.

When you build a house in nice materials, you want it to show. The pine tar paint enhances and protects the materials and makes them last for a long time without repainting. It also fits perfectly into the Scandinavian environment for which our houses are built.