Painting with a spray painter

If you have large surfaces to paint, spray painting could be a convenient solution. Should you choose to go about it this way, we recommend that you go over the surface afterwards with a brush. This will facilitate for the tar to permeate the wood.

It’s important to paint evenly, so the paint doesn’t become runny. Also remember to stir regularly to prevent the pigment from gathering at the bottom. This is particularly important for the Pine Tar Vitriol.

Red Pine Tar, Green Pine Tar, Brown Pine Tar, Black Pine Tar and Blackbrown Pine Tar are diluted and ready to paint with or without using a spray painter.

Pine Tar Vitriol, too, is ready to use. Use a HEA 411 or, if you want a lesser flow, Fine Finish 310-308. This latter nozzle gives a little more spray mist, though.

Genuine Pine Tar and Dalbränd Pine Tar need to be diluted with around 20% turpentine or other dilutant before spraying. Use the recommended nozzles.

Testing of Wagner SF23 Pro with Auson Red Pine Tar

Red Pine Tar is a product with low viscosity, making it easy to spray. Red Pine Tar works with Wagner’s smaller machines too, such as the Control Pro series. This paint can also be used with a HVLP machine, for example, W 590. It’s good to know that a HLVP machine produces more spray mist than an airless machine.

The weather when we tested was rather cool, giving the paint a slightly higher viscosity.

Our Red Pine Tar testing was carried out using a Wagner SF23 Pro, which is an airless machine with a membrane pump. We tried different nozzles from the HEA range, and also a line nozzle.

We could conclude that the HEA 411 nozzle gave a good spray picture and also provided a well-balanced paint flow for this rather thin paint.

Should you want less spray mist, at the cost of a less good spray picture, you could use a line nozzle. We used a size 415, and you can go down to 411 and it will still work fine.

We used an 80 bar pressure. This could be lowered slightly, with a correspondingly less good spray picture as a result. You should, however, always aim for a pressure as low as possible to minimize spray mist.

Tradition and innovation since 1928

Auson AB is a family-owned Swedish company, founded in 1928. We are currently one of the biggest and oldest suppliers of pine tar in Sweden and the Nordic region. Pine tar is a natural product, still to this day and age the best way to protect and care for wood, and, according to many, also the most beautiful.