Modern log house near Uddevalla bridge

The house has sweeping views over Byfjorden with a plot that extends all the way down to the beach. Uddevalla bridge is located just behind. For homeowners Catharina and Håkan Alexandersson it was important to have a natural house colour that blends into the surroundings. The Vitriol Pine Tar met all requirements.

“We first looked at Iron Vitriol, but were pleased when we found Vitriol Pine Tar instead. We then got in touch with another “mammuthus builder” who was satisfied and after that the choice was easy. We have only received positive comments. Everyone really thinks that the house is such a nice colour,” says Catharina Alexandersson.

Construction of the house started in February 2016 when the concrete elements for the basement were delivered. The house went up as early as April and the family moved in at the end of the year. The actual painting was done in the summer and took a total of two weeks.

“We are most satisfied with how unbelievably easy it was to paint with the Vitriol Pine Tar plus that the colour turned out as well as we hoped. The fact that the colour tone shifts and changes over time depending on the conditions is something we really like about the Vitriol Pine Tar.

Why you should choose Vitriol Pine Tar:

  1. The colour is great for the wood and the house
  2. It smells nice when you paint
  3. The colour is incredibly stylish

Mammuthus is a Finnish house supplier that constructs houses in hours.

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