Sustainable nursery school with the forest as a neighbour

Skogsgläntan [forest glade] is a newly constructed nursery school in Tranås. As the name suggests, the nursery school is situated near the forest and the vision was to build it in harmony with the surroundings with materials that are as natural as possible. This is where Auson comes in. In order to fit in with the environment, the nursery school has been painted with our tar vitriol.

The building itself has been constructed by Tranåsbostäder, where Göran Lorentzi is the construction manager:

“When we started working with the project five years ago, this was a completely deserted area. But it’s also a strategic location which ties together several town districts. We have built a nursery school just a stone’s throw away from the river Svartån and with the forest close by.

The architect, Lennart Göransson at Tranark, suggested using sedum roofs and horizontal wood panelling. In order to really cultivate the natural feel, tar vitriol was chosen as a colour instead of iron vitriol. The result is a nursery school that blends into its surroundings.

“We are very satisfied with the colour and have received a lot of praise for it. It will be exciting to see how the tar vitriol changes over time,” concludes Göran Lorentzi.

We at Auson are also pleased that our tar vitriol is receiving so much praise. It deserves it.

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