Pine tar Vitriol in Sälen mountains

Sälen is one of our most popular ski resorts. Here you can enjoy ice fishing, dog sledding and scooter safaris.

The beautiful timber cabins has a view over the spectacular white expanses, they are painted with Pine Tar Vitriol to withstand harsh winds and precipitation. Pine Tar Vitriol is a unique product that gives the wood both a protection and a modern grey color.

Lars-Göran Otterling, at Projektengagemang designed the houses in dialogue with the client Industri Tornet. He says that the Vitriol Pine Tar was chosen in competition with Iron Vitriol. They decided to go for the Vitriol Pine Tar since it gives the facade a better protection which is important in a weather-exposed area.

Projektengagemang: Lars-Göran Otterling Architect SAR/MSA

Project owner: Industritornet

Photo: Maria Mattsson, Sälen

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