Pine tar and linked houses in Nyköping

In Norra Arnö, a Nyköping neighbourhood undergoing rapid development, developer Maison Forte has recently completed seventeen very special linked houses, all painted with Auson Pine Tar Vitriol. We couldn’t be prouder or more delighted! Elinor Collin and her family recently moved into one of the area’s larger houses, spanning 150 square metres. What made you choose Norra Arnö?

“We wanted to live close to the water, and here we have the Baltic just a stone’s throw away. What clinched it for us was Norra Arnö’s location, and above all the house itself.”

Maison Forte collaborated with architecture firm Lomar Arkitekter on this project, and resulting houses are defined by their exclusivity in all elements, from the materials and the design to the layout and the well-considered details. Pine tar vitriol forms one such detail, but without a doubt this is one detail that has no qualms about taking the limelight.

“We love the colour! When we moved in it was more of a brown shade. Since then it’s already taken on its characteristic grey tone, and it’s becoming even more beautiful by the day. To be honest, quite simply I think it’s a really nice colour, but I also like the fact it blends in so well with its surroundings, the material, and the design of the houses,” explains Elinor Collin.

The results achieved have been so good that Maison Forte is now set to use more Auson paints in upcoming projects. All concerned, from the developers and architects to the residents, happily sing the praises of what is sometimes called nature’s own paint. Here at Auson we’ve coined a Swedish term for it – tjärlek – tar love.

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